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Looking for transformational experiences for your high potential or management teams? We offer you our corporate packages that provide the most unique retreat experiences that are guaranteed to change the whole dynamics and construct of your teams in a phenomenally short timeframe.
Our programs
Pilgrimage to the Brain Retreat
Ever thought of learning about the brain as part of your pursuit of happiness? Most of us haven’t, but getting to know our brain is the greatest step we could ever take towards increasing the quality of our life.

“Pilgrimage to the Brain” is a holistic methodology that aims to balance the mind, the brain and the body to improve self-awareness for quality decision-making and life orientation. All these through awakening your mind’s eye and self-awareness on human biases and blindness.

Ready to demystify the stories we’re told about our brain capacity to develop conscious and critical thinking?
Strategic Thinking and Storytelling
Ever thought that storytelling is the missing piece in your strategic planning sessions? These sessions have to be neither stressful nor unproductive anymore!

With ThinkStudio’s retreat for strategic thinking and communication, you can bring your team’s key players together for visioning sessions through storytelling.

Combined with deeply reflective facilitation and mindfulness practices, these retreats are guaranteed to deliver unprecedented results in your team’s strategic direction.
Brand Storytelling
Need to build brand awareness and position your company as an industry leader? ThinkStudio’s program on “Brand Storytelling” is up for grabs!

This course is about telling stories that set you apart as an employer - the impact you’re making, the added value you’re offering, unique methodologies, culture, people, teams, products! Shortly, stories that talk about your expertise and company core values!

The program is designed as a succession of training and coaching sessions, where participants undergo ideation sessions and are offered a creative content writing service and shadow consulting.

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