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Time and research has proven that the biggest way to impact any organization is to focus on leadership development - in the end leadership capability either acts as the key to company transformation or as a major barrier for such.

We are here to set your organization up for success by tapping into leadership development.
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Thought Leadership
Ever aspired to be an opinion leader in your field of experience? Want to position your brand as a trusted source in the industry that offers unique guidance and inspires innovation in your audiences?

As wild as the idea sounds, with ThinkStudio’s course on “Thought Leadership,” it’s not out of reach anymore. Our sessions are designed to redefine your expertise from a unique angle and deliver it in a way that resonates with stakeholders inside and outside the organization, helping you build personal and brand reputation.
Self-Aware Leadership
How do you make decisions as a leader? How do you react when things go wrong? What shapes your interactions with your colleagues or direct reports? See? Most of us fail to ask ourselves these questions, and act on autopilot in these many other situations.

Unless we develop a conscious understanding of our character, behaviors, motives and how these things impact our leadership abilities, this autopilot is going to call the shots. No worries though, our program on “Self-Aware Leadership” will give you a chance to take back your leadership by helping you reflect on your internal thinking and working models.
Executive Coaching
Are you a mid to senior level professional who wants to improve personal and professional effectiveness? Progress is just a click away! ThinkStudio’s “Executive Coaching” is where conscious business meets motivational interviewing, Gallup Strengths coaching and neuroleadership coaching.

With the skillful coaching of our experts you’ll undergo unprecedented mindset and perspective shifts that are proven to positively impact both your effectiveness and performance.
Leading Teams
If you want to balance out your leadership and managerial skills, to inspire action and build up highly performing teams, this is the program for you.

Here you’ll have an opportunity to touch up your skills at managing people and processes with your team and other stakeholders. We at ThinkStudio believe that there should be a balance between management and leadership, and these two should go hand-in-hand to ensure the success of your team and organization.

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