Who Needs ThinkStudio

ThinkStudio is for everyone who needs to start a a journey of personal and professional growth for become an outstanding and influential speaker and leader. ThinkStudio discovers and polishes your unique leadership and public speaking skills and style. ThinkStudio helps to find your own true voice of a leader.

How it works

Impactful Speaking 

You will learn to create and perform powerful and influential speeches, presentations, pitches and talks.

Critical Thinking 

You will understand your thinking patterns, and learn to recognize and overcome cognitive biases.


You will learn idea generation techniques for your life, as well as projects and speeches.

Active Listening

You will develop active listening skills through recognizing and overcoming communication barriers.

Argument Positioning

You will learn to identify best evidence, facts, figures and stories to position your arguments and back up your messages.


You will be introduced to leadership practices and will develop some of them.

Confidence Building

You will discover and understand your own insecurities and will learn to overcome them.


You will discover and recognize your prior development needs for your personal and professional growth.

Emotional Intelligence

You will develop emotional intelligence skills for better problem solving and relationship building.


You will discover and practice the power and importance of self discipline.

Ubuntu Mindset

You will practice Ubuntu principles to strengthen your team-player attitude.