Impactful communication

Communicate and speak with impact

You’ve got great ideas that… have the potential to transform your community, organization or simply the world?

Yet, whenever you’re trying to share those ideas from a big stage; during a team meeting; a pitch for the management; a conference; or when proposing a toast at a good old party with friends, you just can’t seem to drive your point home?

That’s because great ideas call for even greater - impactful communication.

The type of communication that drives consciousness, mindset and behavioral shifts. Talk about transformation, right?! And the best part about all these? It’s learnable, and ThinkStudio’s here to help you master the art!

Our programs

Impactful Public Speaking
Whether you need your team to be excited about following your lead, your manager to be invested in your idea, or your friends to acknowledge the point you’re making in a debate, impactful public speaking is a skill you want to refine.

In this course our experts will help you polish ideas that drive transformation in your life and organizations, helping you master the art of impact-oriented communication.

Here you will not only be challenged to twist your own thinking habits to come up with transformative ideas, but also learn how to position your arguments to have the best bet at influencing your audience.
You have a complex idea and a really limited time to share it? Whether this idea is your personal story or an important breakthrough in industries ranging from science to technologies and business to arts, our course on StoryTelling is your pick.

With expert guidance you’ll be challenged to face your fears, go through the motions of self-acceptance go Here you will get the chance to wave your ideas into a story-style narrative and tell it with dignity, love and vulnerability to help your audience connect emotionally to you, hear what has never been said before and transform their reality to the better.

Business Presentations
Be it a conference, an internal meeting or an external meet-up, these days, we are slaves to corporate communication. So, what do you say if we change the narrative to become the masters of it? Our program on Business Presentations will help you do just that!

Our experts will be there to guide the ideation process, structuring, deck preparation and delivery. In this process you’ll acquire verbal and non-verbal communication skills matched to your personal style that will help your positioning as an expert leader in your respective field.
If you’re in it to win it, our program on Pitching is your go-to. Whether you’re an entrepreneur pitching to investors or an ambitious employee who needs the buy-in from their manager for your next big project, you know that ideas are only as good as you present them to be.

With the help of our experts, you’ll get to uplevel the creative representation of your initial idea, polish your pitching skills and learn to confidently deliver your pitch and, of course, top it with a winning Q&A session.

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